“It was a privilege to participate in Natasha’s workshop and receive personalized tuition and inspiration from such an accomplished artist.
Painting for six days straight was simultaneously hard work and a delight. The advice, attention, and atmosphere truly energized me to pursue my painting, and changed the way I now see colour around me.
The idyllic workshop setting and welcoming local community cannot be described in words and must be experienced first-hand. I only wish I lived closer to Kefalonia so I could go back and do it all again.
Thank you Natasha!”
Dominique Mitchell, Waverley, Australia

“I couldn’t resist a second visit to Metaxart Workshops two years later. I learnt more new things and painted in the beautiful Cephalonia Light. Natasha is always so encouraging and an inspirational teacher full of enthusiasm. I recommend the painting holiday highly with excellent tuition, in a unspoilt location and where a very warm reception is guaranteed.”
Annabel Watson, London UK

“I enjoyed participating in the workshop immensely. It was an honour to have such a talented artist as our teacher. For me, your lecture was exciting! I finally had some grasp of what you had been striving to teach us during the week. And even though I was familiar with many of the featured paintings, that night I saw them through different eyes. I still feel that enthusiasm now that I’m home. And our visit to the Mycenaean Tomb and the community event at Anninata were highlights that I will always remember.”
Anna Sukas, Waiheke Island, New Zeeland

“Natasha taught me how to paint. With her great knowledge and patients she looked after my progress for many years. She has a great talent to explain composition and color in a logical and informative way. With her I developed a good chromatic sense and matured artistically. Thanks to this exceptional teacher I still paint with confidence.”
Christa Vayanos, Athens, Greece

“Let me start from the result, my teacher Natasha had on me.
After she transmitted to us the basic knowledge, starting from sketching with pencil, later with charcoal, the measurements, the shadows and luminous parts, we then went on with colors.
Natasha was always there, to point out to us, what we could not see, take a distance from it and let the painting talk about its needs.
With the knowledge I got, I could find my own painting identity, find my own voice of expressing what wanted so intensively to get out of me, with the full freedom from the part of my teacher, not to follow concrete paths.
I thank her because, by letting me free, I got to know an unknown part of myself.”
Rosy Yacoupian, Athens,Greece

“As a biologist I have sat many many hours in front of the microscope. I used to see things that other people didn’t. I was convinced that I see much more things than other people, until I met Natasha.
As a painting tutor she opened up a world for me that never existed until then; the world of shapes, the world of shadows and hues.
She showed me colours when I was sure that they were absent.
A beautiful person, a beautiful world.”
Eleni Ioannidou, Athens, Greece