Artists Residencies

Starting in May 2016 the MetaxArt Studio, that I am personally running in my home village of Poros on the island of Kefalonia, Greece, will be available for artists.

The idea of MetaxArt Studio is to give artists the chance to experience the clarity of light and the stretching hues of the famous Greek island. In a friendly environment full of colour and surrounded by endless sources of inspiration, you can be creative while enjoying your holidays in Greece.

Artist Residency 

The space

The MetaxArt studio consists of an open space kitchen, 2 bedrooms which can accommodate up to 4 people, one bathroom and a studio fully equipped with easels, tables, pallets etc.

The veranda that surrounds the house during spring, summer and autumn is an ideal place for painting and is used as a second studio due to the clarity of the light.

MetaxArt can provide a private room. If artists need a private accommodation, we cooperate with a selection of hotels where they can choose and rent a room/apt of their choice, close to MetaxArt residency.

Types of Artists Residencies

A) Full Artist Residency / Accommodation + Tutoring + use of Studio :
This kind of residency includes Accommodation Tutoring, and use of Studio
1 private Bedroom, Shared Kitchen + Bathroom
20hours tutoring/month, 3w/month
Shared Studio

B) Solo Artist Residency / Accommodation + use of Studio :
This kind of residency includes Accommodation and use of Studio. No Tutoring
1 private Bedroom, Shared Kitchen + Bathroom
Use of Studio
Whole house + studio without tutoring

C) Artist Residency Plus extra Accommodation / Tutoring + use of Studio and extra Accommodation:
This kind of residency includes Tutoring, use of Studio and Artists chose to book extra accommodation of their choice out of MetaxArt residency.
20hours tutoring/month, 3w/month, 3days/w
Shared Studio
As we offer artist residency and somebody wants extra private accommodation we do 10% discount on the tuition fees.

For both Full Artist Residency and Artist Residency Plus extra Accommodation, tutoring is 20 hours per month and it is 6-7 hours per week for 3 weeks.
From experience we have found that this special mentoring is mandatory in order to keep high standards of educational level.
Even though we believe that mentoring is essential for the participant artists, we don’t want to dominate their time and we motivate them to discover their own personal way of expression. Additionally during the residency artists have to work alone for at least a week each month, while we suggest that artists organises their schedule with their tutor.
Mentoring includes critique and analysis of art work, colour, tone (value) and composition exercises and elements of Art History.
The time schedule is being developed together with the artist and tutor when dates are fixed.

Application guidelines

To follow a residency program artists have to submit the application form through our website, with more details about their educational level in art and be specific about the length of their stay.

We kindly ask artists to submit a summary (300-500 words) of a project they would like to do during their residency. Artists can always connect their project with the place and we are willing to send any information about Poros, and Kefalonia, (ex. local people, landscape, colours, light, history) to help in any way to build a concept/project.

At the end of the residency we organise (one day) a show exhibiting the creations of the artists in residence, as we strongly believe in the interaction with the place, socialisation and extroversion. (Optional).

The cost of the MetaxArt Residency depends:

-on the time (season/month)

-the length of stay

The cost includes:



-use of the studio

-accommodation (Full & Solo Artist Residency)

Not included:

-art materials (paints, canvases, papers etc.)

-traveling expenses

-subsistence costs

Artists should inform us specifically which kind of paints and art materials will need so we can provide them and let them know in advance the extra cost.

We also advice our artists to have sufficient health insurance.

The residencies are available for 15 days minimum. Please feel free to contact us for availability and cost.

Artists can apply any time for residency  as the Artists Residency program is running all the year and should give all the information needed so we can offer the best residency available.