Kefalonia and Poros

Kefalonia is an ideal environment to approach art with all your senses and enjoy creative holidays. Study and learn about art while your soul rejoices, being close to nature and the turquoise Ionian Sea.

The very island that Luis De Bernier wrote about :

“It’s a light that seems unmediated either by the air or by the stratosphere. It is completely virgin, it produces overwhelming clarity of focus, it has heroic strength and brilliance. It exposes colors in their original prelapsarian state, as though straight from the imagination of God on His youngest days, when He still believed that all was good. The dark green of the pines is unfathomably and retreatingly deep, the ocean viewed from the top of a cliff is platonic in its presentation of azure and turquoise, emerald, viridian and lapis lazuli.”

Luis De Bernier,       

The picturesque village of Poros is situated along the south east coast of Kefalonia and is the principal village of the Pronnoi region and one of the two main ports of the island.

It has a fine combination of sea and mountain scenery as it lies along a 3 kilometer coast just at the foot of the Atros Mountain.

This is an ideal place for long walks beside the seashore and exploring the village. Hiking lovers can discover the trails on the hills which guide to the Mycenaean Walls, the Ancient Tholos Tomb, at the impressive Dracaena Gorge of Poros and to hidden water falls.
The area has great archaeological interest as one of the four ancient cities of Kefalonia was located here.