Metaxart Workshops

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Metaxart Workshops

Take pleasure in painting, drawing and synthesis lessons joining the MetaxArt Summer Painting Workshops in the village of Poros, on the exotic island of Kefalonia, Greece.

The very island that Luis De Bernier wrote about :

“It’s a light that seems unmediated either by the air or by the stratosphere. It is completely virgin, it produces overwhelming clarity of focus, it has heroic strength and brilliance. It exposes colors in their original prelapsarian state, as though straight from the imagination of God on His youngest days, when He still believed that all was good. The dark green of the pines is unfathomably and retreatingly deep, the ocean viewed from the top of a cliff is platonic in its presentation of azure and turquoise, emerald, viridian and lapis lazuli.”


Luis De Bernier

Live the experience of the pure light and let your imagination be motivated by the endless hues of the landscape that have provided inspiration to artists for thousands of years.