One Day Workshops



Grab the opportunity to bring out the artist in you, and book an One Day Painting Workshop! Live the experience of the pure light and let your imagination be motivated by the endless hues of the landscape when you are visit Kefalonia!

Artist Natasha Metaxa welcomes art lovers in Metaxart studio, located by the seaside in the picturesque Poros village in Kefalonia island. The workshop is open to all artistic levels. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished artist, this inspirational workshop is designed to teach you how to capture the feeling of any scene and transform it in your own unique vision, narrative or abstract.


Don’t worry Metaxart provides all the art supplies and equipment!

Metaxart workshops are organised according to the needs of the students. We can arrange 1 or 2 days painting workshops, on special dates under your request which could be held either at Poros or at a place indicated by you. The duration of the One Day Workshops is 5 hours and they begin at 9.00 in the morning.

Cost includes 5 hours tuition fees, all art supplies and equipment:

One Day Workshop at Metaxart Studio and nearby locations is 100€.

Tow Days Workshop at Metaxart studio and nearby locations is 180€

The cost of One Day Workshop in an indicated place varies

according the place and the number of participants.

Please remember to book early due to the high season.

Don’t hesitate to require any information about Metaxart Workshops;it would be our pleasure to respond.

Contact us to arrange for you One Day Painting Workshop